Since 2013, Decantis has been a solutions-focused company in providing medical safety equipment, educational, and disposable products across a broad range. We strive to deliver exceptional value to health care professionals and to the safety of general public.


HandyClear.com is a global trading online brand in partnership with Skytomato to distribute and market its products through digital marketing.

We offer modern esthetician technologies, charming scientific “magic” to solve clients problems with the latest equipment. Through our extensive high quality supply chain resources in China, we source and develop our medical safety products to deliver safety to the people.


Global China Connection

Decantis have a dedicated China local office where clients around the world connect, both online and offline, to source, stock and ship international goods directly from China.

Professionals Dedicated To Delivering the Right Product and Lowering Your Costs

We’re pros at delivering the range of products you need to run your business or facility. We like finding solutions to your problems. A large pharmacy in Malaysia challenged us to source for a niche medical product. In a matter of days, we provided samples that met their needs. Their testing proved of that the product was identical to the one they have in mind also lower their cost of import. We strive to deliver those same great results for every customer.

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